The Æcyr Gréne Campaign 

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The campaign started with three principal characters - Cederic Rægenhere, third son of Wuscfrea Rægenhere, knight of the Realm; Æðelred of Æcyr Gréne, retainer for the Rægenhere family; and Cardhu Mac Callan, Clansman of the Dynndh clan Mac Callan who has travelled into the kingdom of Coryn seeking Adventure and Riches. Three additional characters have joined, and one has left ... Nibaldo, a follower of Wær, raised in a small monastic settlement when he was orphaned by the plague [character abandoned]; Edyð, a follower of Nerðe, and daughter of the Knight of Æcyr Holt - a small manor holding near Æcyr Gréne; Dægal Cynnwise, journeyman scribe and member of the Guild of Letters; and finally Dietr, a self-described scumbag who was on hand when the guys needed some underhand work done, and has gone on to prove his worth several times over. The write-ups for the characters at the current level are posted in a web-readable format as well as the original excel character sheet format. As the characters develop, the older files will be linked also.

Cedric Wilfrid Rægenhere of Æcyr Gréne.

Third son of Wuscfrea Rægenhere, knight of the Realm. Given the financial and political situation at this time, Cedric is unlikely to inherit either title or lands. Cedric has two older brothers – Eadwyn (heir), Irminric (squire to Baron Villier Sighere de Vichi). Cedric also has one younger brother – Hereric – and one sister – Æðelðryd. Mother’s name is Tortgyð.

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Æðelred of Æcyr Gréne

Only child of Berðun, woodward of Æcyr Gréne. A proficient hunter and marksman, also serves as one of the manor hands in Æcyr Gréne, acting as the page/retainer/messenger to the family. Mother (Tatæ) was a villager from the neighbouring village of Æcyr Holt.

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Cardhu Mac Callan (Clansman of the Dynndh)

A wandering clansman of the Dynndh, recently having spent some time serving as a Mercenary for various Corydan lords.

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Dægal Cynnwise

Dægal is the son of Aart Cynnwise, a journeyman scribe in the service of the Guild of Letter - the most prestigious of the Messengers Guilds. While much of the business of the Guild is simply in ensuring the safe delivery of letters and small parcels from one end of the Kingdom to another, the Guild also will provide fully qualified Scribes to write/transcribe the messages fr individuals who need to send a message but whose literacy skills are not up to the task of writing the messages themselves. Unknown to many, the Guild also serves as a cover organisation for the Glew Bocaré within Coryn, and a small percentage of their members have been given training in the Mystical Arts.

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Edyð of Æcyr Holt

The youngest daughter of Hereric Kœrnhere, knight of the Realm. Just over a year ago, Edyð travelled to the Island of the Reeds to spend some time with the monastic order there. When the Island was overrun by forces of the Cabal, she followed the companions off the island.

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Dietr of Greneswykkam

A young man from Greneswykkam, he and his younger brother were taken in by a Faganesque underworld character, in whose care both thrived. At the time Dietr met the other companions, he was collecting a package of Brightweed in the village of Æton for distribution in Greneswykkam. He fell into talking with Cardhu, who proceeded to recruit him to perform a task that the other companions were unwilling to perform - the assassination of a minor noble, the Baron of Æton. For a variety of reasons, he has stuck around since that time.

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Nibaldo (Priest of Wær)

Nibaldo is a young man from a moderately prosperous Provencárean family that moved to Coryn a couple of years after the succession struggle. Soon after they arrived, his family fell on hard times, and as an act of piety, they became involved with a small monastic community (Geferscipe) of Wær. Unfortunately, ill health claimed the lives of his parents before their financial circumstances looked up, so for most of his life Nibaldo has lived in the community near the city of Pæccelburga. Tidings of the growing influence of the Heresy of Tiras have been troubling the elders of the community, and they decided to send Nibaldo out to investigate. Wandering aimlessly, Nibaldo drifted along with the traders and caravans, following rumours and observing the changing customs, travelling west and north, eventually ending up in one of the baronial border posts of Fyrgeneðel, overlooking the Dynndh border. he was welcomed warmly, but after only a couple of days, he felt an ominous forboding, as the fort became a hubub of activity. Suddenly there were nobles and their retainers arriving from the surrounding baronies and shires. Rumours that some local banditry may be linked to some grander scheme, possibly linked to the activities of the Heretical Followers of Tir peaked his interest, and when he heard that a group of adventurers who were investigating this activity themselves were travelling North for some reason, he felt called to join them ...

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